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The Michel Herr European Quintet

Bert Joris : trumpet (B)
Wolfgang Engstfeld : tenor saxophone (Germany)
Michel Herr : piano, composer (B)
Riccardo Del Fra (Italy) or Philippe Aerts (B) : double bass
Dré Pallemaerts :
drums (B)

An international project of Belgian pianist/composer Michel Herr.
It is not by accident that he surrounds himself with these four jazz musicians of international format.
Known as four first rate soloists, they gather in full complicity with the pianist's compositions. This band opens up new dimensions in his music.
A demanding search for quality, as well in the choice of the musicians as in the writing of the music, makes Michel Herr's specificity on the European scene.
Creativity, interaction, rich harmonic colours and melodies are combined with energy and swing.
A good example of the maturity of European jazz, a unique blend of the subtle lyricism of the European sensitivity with the infectious "drive" of American jazz.

The Michel Herr European Quintet made very successful appearances a.o. during the '97 Jazz Middelheim Festival, in Antwerp (radio broadcast), the '98 Liège festival (radio) and the St. Roch festival in September '98, Frameries & Gaume Jazz in '99, Festival van Vlaanderen 2000, several French festivals, such as the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois, Langourla etc...

End '98 saw the release of the acclaimed CD "
Notes of Life" (Igloo Igl 142).


From the CD Notes of life :

Le coeur à l'endroit
The out side in
Notes of Life

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